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Candidate Attraction: Rising to the challenge

About the challenges of recruiting under current market conditions, Max Abrahams, Square One Resources internal recruitment manager, says, “In order to attract top talent companies are adapting the way in which they recognise success.  Firstly peoples true career drivers’ need to be established and realised in order to retain them longer.  This has certainly impacted my role and the discussion I have with candidates now.  Support to help employees to fulfil career goals, with a clear progression structure is the most common desire expressed by candidates I’ve been interviewing which differs from a few years ago.  With 20 positions to fill in the next couple of months across our UK, Dutch and Polish offices I’m pleased Square One has the structure to support talented individuals realise their potential.”

In an article about the most important things employees needed to reach their highest potential Glenn Lloopis, contributor to Forbes stated that “high-potential employees need unwavering support from their leaders to reach their ultimate career goals and potential.”

One company embracing this trend in talent acquisition and retention strategies is leading European IT, ERP and Pharma recruiter Square One Resources.  Recently promoted to ERP Team Leader at Square One, Jan Foryszweski says, “The opportunity to progress my career at Square One was made clear when I was recruited to join the company.  After a four year career as a sales consultant, I realised I got more satisfaction from seeing others succeed than just being successful for myself, so I expressed my interest in progressing into a management role.  I’ve had overwhelming support internally from the Board, Sales Director and also my Team to make the transition, which I truly value.  If you can demonstrate your capability and have boundless passion for what you do you will be taken seriously.  As long as I work in recruitment, I’ll work at Square One.”


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