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Fivefold jump in public sector workers jobhunting as impatience grows with pay freezes

Jobsgopublic’s 2014 survey of public sector jobseekers shows that five times as many candidates hunting for jobs on their website said they were already employed, and did not require a new job immediately, as compared with 2013.

Jobsgopublic’s job board is visited by more than half a million unique jobseekers each month.

Jobsgopublic says that this rise reflects growing disillusionment among public sector workers with ongoing pay freezes. The Government in March announced a mere 1% rise in public sector pay for 2014/15, four years after austerity measures were first introduced.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has estimated that public sector pay will fall by 8% relative to the private sector between 2012/13 and 2018/19.

Miles Skelton, Managing Director of Jobsgopublic, says: “More and more public sector employees are reaching their breaking points over declining real-terms pay, and are on the hunt for new jobs.”

“They have no intention of leaving the public sector, but are finding that switching to a new employer may be the most direct way to get their pay progression back on track.”

“While the 1% pay rise announced in March prompted some unions to talk about the potential for industrial action, it seems that a lot of workers in the public sector have decided that the best response to the continuing pay freeze is to start looking for new employment.”

“If the right role is available, an increasing number of public sector workers are ready to jump ship to a new employer, even if that means relocating.”

Jobsgopublic adds that its survey has found that 48% of public sector jobseekers would now consider relocating for a new role.

Private sector workers beginning to return to public sector

Jobsgopublic’s annual survey of public sector jobseekers has also found that 12% of those looking for public sector employment are currently private sector employees.

Jobsgopublic says that this shows that confidence over the stability of public sector employment is returning, with jobseekers believing that the worst of the public sector job losses are now over.

Says Miles Skelton: “While pay freezes are frustrating those who are already employed in the public sector, it seems that private sector workers are becoming more confident that job security within the sector is returning.”

“That’s great news for many public sector employers who are keen to recruit from the private sector in order to build teams with the right mix of skills.”



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