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HCL Nursing supporting the Cavell Nurses Trust and International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day was first celebrated by the International Council of Nurses in 1965 however, it wasn’t until ten years later that the 12th May, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday, was designated as the official date for the event. The day is designed to celebrate nurses across the world and raise awareness of the vital role they play in healthcare.

At HCL Nursing, we fully appreciate the incredible hard work that nurses do every day, as well as recognising the trials that they can face. Because of this, HCL Nursing has chosen to support the charity the Cavell Nurses’ Trust.

The charity is named after the brave World War I nurse, Edith Cavell, who was executed in 1915, who was executed in 1915 for helping 200 Allied soldiers to escape from German-occupied Belgium. It began two years later through an appeal for donations to help nurses that were mentally and physically traumatised by serving in WWI. To this day this worthy charity helps nurses, both practising and retired, who have fallen on hard times. This includes those suffering from financial difficulties, domestic abuse or ill health.

The Cavell Nurses’ Trust also supports student nurses on recognised training courses and in exceptional circumstances such as sudden illness. Cavell Nurses' Trust is currently trying to raise &pound3 million by the time of the centenary of Edith Cavell's death in October 2015 in order to double the number of beneficiaries it currently supports.

Stephen Hockey, managing director of HCL Nursing, explains, "With over 33,000 nurses working with us, many of whom seek flexible locum work to help them through financial difficulties, we understand the great strain that many can face. We highly value our candidates and the nursing profession. As a result, we feel it is important to recognise the extremely valuable work that the Cavell Nurses’ Trust carries out in helping the most vulnerable nurses. We also support the need for more trained nurses in the UK, making the sponsorship of trainee nurses all the more commendable. This is why we have chosen to support and promote this charity."

HCL Nursing will be supporting many of the charity’s fundraising events in the coming year.

Make a donation or find out more on The Cavell Nurses' Trust website. 


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