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High levels of job movement predicted in light of growth in Ireland

Job movement on the up

According to the survey, 64% of the Irish workforce is expecting to move jobs in the next year, with 44% of these intending to do so within the next six months. This is indicative of wider reports of increasing career opportunities from business and employer association, IBEC, which recently announced that 50,000 new jobs will be created in the country in 2014, on top of the 20,000 created last year.

As more roles are created across Ireland, there is a general feeling of increased security, with 82% of respondents to the Berkley survey stating they are the same or less worried about their job than this time last year. This is an 18% increase on results from the end of 2013. Reflective of this general confidence, pay rise expectations are also up, with 92% of respondents expecting to receive a pay rise in the next twelve months.

Headcount increases predicted across the board

The report also highlighted that confidence is returning to the Irish economy in general, with 88% of respondents reporting that their business was performing better than last year. This positivity is reflected in reports from IBEC which revealed that investment in the economy is also set to rise by 21.5%, up from initial predictions of 15.5%.

In light of this growth, organisations are increasing headcount, with 67% of Irish respondents reporting that their company had created jobs in the last year, the highest percentage recorded across the globe. This further supports the recent review of the & lsquo;Action Plan for Jobs’ by the OECD, which found that the Irish government is on track to achieve its promise of creating 100,000 new roles by 2016 and to have 2.1 million people in work by the year 2020.

However, with reports from the Berkley survey indicating that job movement is likely to increase in the near future, businesses in Ireland must reassess staff retention strategies in order to support the headcount growth predictions.

Fergal Brosnan, Managing Director at Berkley Group commented:

Ireland has certainly seen high levels of activity over recent months, with companies across the board noting a lot of opportunities and more employment options becoming available. As investment in the economy continues to rise, and confidence in the market remains, this sentiment will only get stronger. What we can expect in this evolving market, though, is a high level of recruitment activity. For those professionals that have previously held off making a career move due to the economic uncertainty of recent years, now is certainly a good time to make this leap. And for Irish businesses, the growing economy will see a growing demand for more staff, one that could see a potential increase in the war for talent as top professionals become highly sought after.”


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