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Higher penalties for businesses employing illegal workers

Not only do employers face this hefty financial penalty, they also risk the potentially more damaging adverse media attention when their details are published by Immigration Enforcement.

Ben Irwin-Brown, implementation manager at leading compliance automation provider NowWeComply, said, “To prevent illegal working it is important that employers have robust processes in place which can mitigate risk and wherever possible check that the documents being provided in support of an individual’s right to work are fully compliant and that they are able to automatically  be reminded as and when a non-EEA nationals permission to be in the UK is about to expire or is due to be re-checked.”

Irwin-Brown also contends that with the availability of smart tools for automated onboarding and background checking there really is no reason why employers cannot protect themselves against almost any compliance requirement and went on to say that "Far from being a business burden, automated compliance solutions can actually be an opportunity to gain a competitive edge and help an innovative business to grow new revenue without increasing costs”.  

 “Smart, simple automation tools allow you to buy-in or import the knowledge you need from a minimal set of experts, download that expertise into a self-running system – and use administrative operators to manage a much greater range and capacity of revenue-generating activity,” he says.

With waves of new regulation and a trend towards setting even higher non-regulatory standards, businesses are exposed to ever higher threats of serious penalties and damage to reputation. This creates an immense opportunity for smart-thinking entrepreneurial service providers to move in with game-changing, compliance-focused propositions. 


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