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Less than 1/3 of job applying grads ask for parental help

In a survey of over 700 UK graduates, the majority avoid family assistance with their job search. Furthermore, only 12% plan to move into the same industry as their parents or wider family. Social media, although not a popular tool for job hunting, got a higher response compared to parents or guardians with one in five (22%) graduates turning to Facebook for career opportunities and one in ten (11%) using Twitter.

Mike Fetters, graduate director of, said, “We have found that surprisingly few graduates are asking for help, whether that’s with job applications or following established family networks into work. It’s commendable that graduates are being self-sufficient, however, it’s also important to ask for help when needed. Things like checking job applications and introductions to potential employers will really help smooth the path to entry level employment. It’s important to try every avenue possible when looking for work and keep networks as open as possible.”

The survey also found that 63% of graduates were not advised on other routes to employment before choosing university.

Fetters continues, “Our findings generally point to a lack of good employment advice for young people. Many are going to university without prior knowledge of other routes into work like apprenticeships and other vocational qualifications. Entry level candidates need to be given more advice that suits their individual needs rather than just being told to go to university.”

Moreover, the research reveals graduates would prefer to work for an SME over a large firm. When given the choice, 54% opted for a job with a smaller firm compared to 47% who said they’d prefer a role with a large employer. Graduates cited a greater opportunity to be noticed by senior management as the main reason for doing so (60%). Working with start-ups also proved popular with graduates as 22% stated they would prefer to take an entry level position with a new enterprise.

According to the survey, the top 10 industries identified by graduates as the most desirable are:

1.      Media

2.      Travel

3.      Human Resources

4.      Marketing, Advertising and PR

5.      Oil, Gas and Energy

6.      Banking and finance

7.      Science

8.      Technology

9.      Engineering

10.  Secretarial, PA and Administration


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