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Microdec announces enhanced integration with Office365 and Google

The latest integration allows Microdec customers to configure their Profile RPM email settings in line with their existing systems. This enhancement means that individual users are able to use their preferred email structures including Google (Gmail) and Office 365. To assist with configuration Microdec will be providing, as standard, enhanced templates to connect with popular cloud systems.

This new addition comes as part of an upgrade of Profile RPM. The latest version has been designed to offer Microdec customers more cost effective options and increased connectivity on the latest cloud technology alongside the traditional Profile RPM multi-function interface. This greater flexibility and additional functionality allows Microdec to continue helping start-ups and larger businesses alike.

Mark Bowyer, comercial director at Microdec, said, “We have always tried to ensure that Profile RPM is highly configurable to meet all our clients’ needs so when looking to upgrade the product, we wanted to give customers greater flexibility and a wider choice when it comes to communication.”


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