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Oasis HR wins 'most progress' award at Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative Awards

The accolade, presented for evidenced progress and commitment to the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) agenda, follows Oasis HR’s concerted effort to raise the profile of inclusive recruitment and also follows the implementation of a series of practical business changes to enhance their candidates’ experience.

Whilst Oasis HR recognise that they’re by no means at the end of their D&I journey the establishment of the Diversity Think Tank, a networking platform for strategic HR and diversity professionals, has helped educate the HR recruitment agency on the steps businesses can and should be taking to provide inclusive recruitment. Basic initiatives such as up-skilling their recruiters, developing an accessible website, engaging with candidates around reasonable adjustments and working towards Clear Assured status help evidence Oasis HR’s progress over the past two years.

Up against some steep competition, the judges of the RIDI Awards commented, “This submission showed real progress over a relatively short period of time. As an HR recruiter, the establishment of a Diversity Think Tank to influence the HR community, was seen as highly innovative and a great commitment to extending the reach. There was lots of passion in the submission and clarity around next steps.”

Jeremy Thornton, Co-founder of Oasis HR and Founder of the HR Think Tank Series comments: “When we established the Diversity Think Tank back in 2012, as part of the wider HR Think Tank Series, I wasn’t aware of the breadth of barriers being faced by both disabled and diverse candidates. Partnering with businesses like Diversity Jobs and the Clear Company has not only helped us raise the profile of D&I in the HR space but has provided us with invaluable tools for enhancing the service we provide to our candidates.

“All too often businesses strive for recognition that’s solely based on financial performance and fail to address and celebrate what really matters and makes a difference to the industry. Therefore to be presented with a RIDI Award just two years into our D&I journey is extraordinary and I am incredibly proud of what the team has managed to achieve and naturally very excited about where we’re heading!”


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