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Smart onboarding is a key to business growth

Irwin-Brown is a recently appointed project implementation manager  fo the compliance automation providers, whose expertise is in self-service software tools that enable SME businesses to be more agile and entrepreneurial.

As a former Implementation Manager with leading outsourced screening company, Security Watchdog (a part of Capita plc), his experience at the coal-face of candidate and employee screening leads him to believe that compliance represents one of the most exciting development opportunities for staffing agencies, HR teams and those involved in risk management.

"Far from being a business burden, compliance can be all about growing new revenue without increasing costs – given the right tools and an innovative culture within the business," he says.

Irwin-Brown observes that employers are increasingly eager to clean their hands of risk around compliance. Smart tools for automated onboarding and background checking processes means that anyone providing those services, internally or externally, can guarantee to deliver them consistently, reliably and at a fractional cost.

He also contends that automation and self-service software creates a platform for scalable growth that can accelerate entry into new vertical, geographical or specialist markets.

“Smart, simple automation tools allow you to buy-in or import the knowledge you need from a minimal set of experts, download that expertise into a self-running system – and use administrative operators to manage a much greater range and capacity of revenue-generating activity,” he says.

With waves of new regulation and a trend towards setting even higher non-regulatory standards, businesses are exposed to ever higher threats of serious penalties and damage to reputation. This creates an immense opportunity for smart-thinking entrepreneurial service providers to move in with game-changing, compliance-focused propositions. is a online service & lsquo;from the cloud’ that automates time-consuming and complex compliance processes.


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