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Sonru releases volume 4 of video interviewing white paper

Edward Hendrick, founder & CEO of Sonru, commenting on the fourth volume of the white paper’s publication, “Sonru’s ethos has always been candidate-centric and feedback has always been hugely positive. Together with our mobile recruiting and client support white papers, we can provide clients and potential users with evidence of the positive impact in adopting innovative technology into the recruitment process.”

Research Highlights

•             With respect to respondent demographics, there appears to be an increase in the proportion of candidates from the older age groups from year one to three. Similarly, the gender gap is closing from year one to year three. The three year intervals also provide some interesting findings with respect to the role relevant to the candidates’ interviews.

•             The majority of respondents (72%) recorded positive feelings when invited to complete the video interview and two thirds (66%) recorded positive first impressions such as being & lsquo;Impressed’, & lsquo;Excited’ or & lsquo;Happy to progress to the next stage.’

•             The flexibility offered to candidates to choose the time and place of the interview emerged as the key benefits. The majority of respondents (84%) completed their video interviews from home.

•             Clients that effectively communicate what the video interviewing element of the recruitment process involves will experience higher satisfaction levels among candidates.



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