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Staffing 360 Solutions division receives recognition during an Interview

The interview was conducted by Sara Peters, a contributing editor at Dark Reading, a cybersecurity news site owned by InformationWeek, one of the IT industry's leading publications with over 2.24 million average unique monthly online visitors. In the 30 minute interview, Cyber 360 Solutions President, Mark Aiello, provided his expertise in the cybersecurity industry, with a focus on trends in security compensation and careers.

"Our cybersecurity division's increasing appearance in several industry leading publications, including this most recent interview with InformationWeek is a great validator," stated Matt Briand, CEO of Staffing 360 Solutions. "Mark Aiello, who leads our Cyber 360 Solutions division, has done a fantastic job increasing awareness of our brand in the cybersecurity industry."

Mr. Aiello conducted the radio interview in conjunction with Dark Reading and responded to questions and topics relating to InformationWeek's recently issued 2014 IT Salary Survey, which measures various aspects of compensation, benefits, and job satisfaction. It is widely regarded as the largest employee-based IT salary survey in the country. During the interview, Mr. Aiello described the numerous issues surrounding the scarcity of cybersecurity talent, which is due in large part to the rising threat of cyber crime and cyber terrorism.

In the audio interview, Mr. Aiello states, "Everyone should understand that security is crucial. From a management standpoint, the risk of proprietary data, intellectual property, and things like PHI, PII [i.e. Protected Health Information, Personally Identifiable Information] ... getting released into the world is significant. I bet if you ask that question of Target right now, you'll get a much higher number."

The InformationWeek Radio interview with Cyber 360 Solutions was initially conducted on May 20, 2014. An archived webcast can be heard in its entirety by navigating to the following link (a brief questionnaire must be completed prior to access):

In addition, Cyber 360 Solutions' President is conducting another interview with Dark Reading and InformationWeek this afternoon at 1:00pm Eastern. Further information, as well as a link to the live broadcast is available at:

Cyber 360 Solutions is devoted to finding the top cybersecurity talent in the industry. Its parent company, Staffing 360 Solutions, has been engaged in the development of a comprehensive program to create a robust pipeline of prospective acquisitions to complement its operations. More information on Cyber 360 Solutions is available at:


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