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'Flexibility and fair pay should be at the centre of zero hours contracts', says KPMG

He argues that by introducing flexibility, employees will be better able to earn more to help them meet essential living costs.

Stallard says, “Far too many people are trapped in what has become known as a cycle of & lsquo;working poverty’, with many struggling to meet family and financial commitments as they try to make ends meet.  That’s why proposals for legislation that gives employees the opportunity to agree to flexible working hours with more than one employer should be welcomed.  It’s good for employees who may be trying to balance study or caring commitments with work, and it’s good for employers who could have access to a wider network of staff.

“There are many scenarios where individuals with personal commitments may be attracted by the flexibility of zero hour arrangements, but the key is that employees must have genuine freedom to decide when they work.  For businesses, today’s announcement also means they can still retain the flexibility to meet unpredictable or season-led labour requirements. 

“To keep employees interested and simultaneously ensure employers have access to high calibre individuals, it is also important that organisations pay their staff a living wage.  A guaranteed income, and one that will ensure they don’t need to worry about paying their rent or food bills, is more likely to build loyalty and motivation to drives the quality of service that customers want to see.”



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