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Free social media search & analytics available for recruitment firms

The free offer comes from a leading provider of social media monitoring & analytics software, Talkwalker.

With Talkwalker Social Search, users have access to top-line social media analytics - arming them with meaningful insight and enabling them to discover emerging topics in social media conversations from the last 7 days, as well as identify influencers, visualise metrics for socially shared content, track and measure issues and news in social media and even benchmark their own marketing performance against competitors. Only big data firms can sift through the conversations, marketing noise and data to generate meaningful performance rankings, rate influence and showcase sentiment.  

Says Christophe Folschette, Talkwalker Co Founder - “The Echo Chamber of the social world is not a detached universe of interest and accessible solely to the digitally favoured.  Nowhere will the sector access and understand  candidates' and employers' thoughts than they will on line.  Easy to use services such as this will help recruitment professionals engage with and understand their candidates. Our clients understand the importance of best practise in social media and the ability of social analytics technology to listen in to what is being said and refine strategies accordingly". 

A centralized social media search and analytics engine which augments traditional search engines by quickly finding, weighting and presenting our users with a glimpse of their most interesting and relevant social media mentions. It mines key information from the social web in real-time and helps users to discover unexpected ways in which their consumers are talking about their brand, products and topics relevant to their business, across blogs, forums, online news, Twitter, Facebook and other key social networks.

Talkwalker is an easy to use and incredibly powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool. Recommended by several hundreds of agencies and brands worldwide, it delivers high value analytics, search capabilities and reporting functionalities in a user-friendly tool. With a focus on big data crawling, the Talkwalker search index is one of the largest, covering over 150 million sources in 187 languages and 247 countries.

Talkwalker was rated one of the top 5 best social media monitoring tools and online reputation management tools globally in 2013. The free Talkwalker Alerts launched in March 2013 are considered a preferred replacement of Google Alerts to receive free notifications by e-mail or RSS feed

Talkwalker is developed by Trendiction, a privately held and rapidly growing company founded in 2009 and based in the European capital city of Luxembourg.


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