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HPC urge businesses to introduce flexible working ahead of World Cup

Managing director at HPC, Victoria Brown, said, “We are urging employers to utilise flexible working to give their employees the freedom to enjoy the World Cup, which kicks off later on this month - and to avoid staffing headaches.

“Although most matches in the tournament are scheduled outside of office hours, it is likely that employers will see an increase in staff sick days, disagreements among staff about working particular days or poor performance due to late night celebrations.

“From June 30th, all employees with over 26 weeks’ employment will be entitled to request flexible working. This new law, which many employers are still unaware of, is getting closer so therefore introducing flexible working during the World Cup period could provide a good trial opportunity for those who aren’t familiar with flexible working.”

Flexible working, which will officially come into play on 30th June, includes anything from flexi-time, part-time working, compressed working hours, term-time working, shift working and job sharing.

Changes in technologies and new working practices have made working from home a much more viable option for some employers, by allowing employees to work remotely. Better wireless internet connections, the emergence of Smartphones and tablets as viable business tools, and programs such as Dropbox and Open Office are all making it easier than ever for employees to work while at home or on the move.

A recent survey found that 70% of managers reported an increase in productivity in response to flexi-working and found that employees are more likely to overcompensate when working out of the office.

Previous studies have suggested that remote working may create a more engaged workforce by giving employees some freedom and letting them create a working space that best boosts their productivity, which leads to a healthier happier workforce. 

Brown said, “Eventually, all businesses are going to adopt this approach, therefore it’s wise you get on board early before you fall behind. Embracing new systems and technologies will allow your business to grow and run more efficiently and could potentially transform the lives of many, particularly those with parental or caring responsibilities. You can take your company with you wherever you go and you can work on your own terms.”


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