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ICA Group and proffice closes 3-year contracts

The new three-year agreements involving both workers and employees and applies to all service sectors.

- We are pleased and proud of the confidence that gives the opportunity to develop our relationship further. Along with ICA, we have developed a unique model of partnership that we now will deepen, says Henrik H&oumljsgaard, president and CEO of proffice.

The collaboration between ICA and proffice began in 2008 with the staffing and recruitment. 2010 creation agreements in transition. Today proffice a priority staffing supplier within the ICA's all business sectors for over Sweden.

- Our close collaboration and knowledge sharing creates synergies and enables effective and forward-looking solutions. We now look forward to a fruitful partnership over the next three years, says Henrik H&oumljsgaard.

The new agreements between the parties extending between 2014-07-01 and 2017-06-30.


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