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Mandated use of passport scanners the future?

The new LPP (London Procurement Partnership) framework agreement for the supply of nursing and nursing related staff commenced on 14th May 2014 and now stipulates that participating agencies must validate the passport or other approved ID documents of their candidates through the use of an & lsquo;automated identity document authentication and verification scanner or system’.

Ben Irwin-Brown, a Project Implementation Manager at leading compliance automation provider NowWeComply commented, “This is another example of the additional compliance related tasks that agencies working under framework agreements are having to adapt to in order to meet their contractual obligations and we think that this particular request will start to be added to more and more supplier agreements in the future”.

Irwin-Brown added, “Obviously the aims of ever more accurate identity authentication are well founded and aside from anything else this helps to preserve the reputation of the recruitment industry, however it does add yet another manual compliance step to what in some sectors is already a complex, costly and time consuming process.”

He went on to say, “Although NowWeComply is in itself a complete end-to-end solution that effectively automates previously manually undertaken compliance processes, we had already recognised and planned for the fact that framework providers would start to add requirements for agencies to provide ever more accurate ID verification but that some agencies would potentially only want a simple & lsquo;bolt on’ solution just to cater for this.

As a result NowWeComply became approved Channel Partners to 3M and are able to supply the same 3M Biometric ID and Passport scanners being used by the UK Border Agency. These scanners can be used on a stand-alone basis if required and come with the technology allowing for copies of documents to be time stamped and saved to a local drive. For existing and future clients however we will very shortly make available an update to the NowWeComply platform which will allow for direct integration with an ID or Passport scanner completely cutting out the manual steps involved in this process”.

Irwin-Brown concluded that, “This first move towards mandating the use of ID scanners we see as the start of a trend towards it becoming the norm in terms of industry Best Practice in a number of recruitment sectors”.


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