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Real-time compliance reporting is now a reality

As a result and following positive feedback from clients, leading compliance automation provider NowWeComply have announced that they have released new functionality to their base solution which transforms the existing reporting function and now provides clients with a powerful, real-time visual analysis of any selected data fields within the system.

Ben Irwin-Brown, a Project Implementation Manager at NowWeComply, said “our customers were telling us that they wanted a reporting suite that would allow them to accurately establish which aspects of the compliance process were not only working efficiently but also to highlight those areas that were proving to be bottlenecks. The solution we arrived at uses an existing online reporting product which supports one of the open standard APIs that NowWeComply also uses. This combination allows data from anywhere within NowWeComply to be pushed to the reporting dashboard based on  ANY process event as it happens.”

Irwin-Brown added “With the wide range of reporting components available including graphs, charts, pivot tables and tabular views our clients are now able to very accurately visually analyze critical business information in real-time and on demand. By knowing exactly which areas of the compliance process are under performing our clients are much more easily able to rectify a potential bottleneck before it even happens”. 

Irwin-Brown contends that compliance should not be allowed to become a business burden and that “alongside our core automated compliance solution NowWeComply can now provide recruiters operating in highly regulated sectors an additional real opportunity to gain a competitive edge, radically improve processes and ultimately help to grow new revenue without increasing costs”. is a low-cost online service & lsquo;from the cloud’ that automates time-consuming and often complex compliance processes, making it simpler and more affordable for organisations to meet their requirements. It delivers significant cost-savings at the same time as a step-change in operational performance.


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