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Recession has undermined undergraduates trust in employers

These were findings from the trendence UK Graduate Barometer Survey 2014, the largest annual survey of undergraduates’ career plans with over 27,000 students taking part from over 100 universities and from all year groups.

In the survey, undergraduates were asked a number of questions about their career goals, their job-seeking behaviour and the employers they would most like to work for. It was clear that the recent and prolonged economic downturn has damaged their trust in employers.

&middot       When asked to agree or disagree with the statement “the economic crisis has caused me to have less trust in employers,” 40 per cent of students agreed.

&middot       State sector students were less trusting than private sector students, with 44 per cent declaring a loss of trust compared to only 37 per cent from private schools.

&middot       Only 19 per cent of students actively disagreed with the statement, which suggests that employers will have their work cut out for them this year if they’re to regain the trust of the up-and-coming graduate talent.

Trust plays an important role in students’ decisions about which organisations to apply to and influences their choice of first employer after graduation, so there is a need for the graduate recruitment industry to restore their faith and a need for individual recruiters to address the issue directly in their recruitment marketing and campus engagement.

Alexandra Kong, UK Research and Data Manager at trendence UK, says: “The Barometer Survey enables us to identify key differences in career aspiration, choice of employer and attitudes, like trust in this case, between men and women, students from different year groups, different universities, degree subjects and ethnic backgrounds. What emerges is a complex picture of the wishes and hopes of current undergraduates, vital information for graduate recruiters and universities as they plan their promotion, information and guidance campaigns.”

See more key findings from the survey here. 

The trendence UK Graduate Barometer surveys more students at a wider range of institutions than any other graduate employment research provider. It contains data from over 100 universities, all subjects and all year groups. Over 27,000 students completed the survey, with 17,000 responses from the top 30 universities.




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