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Research shows that students are less confident than they were 6 months ago

At yesterday’s TARGETjobs Breakfast News, the trendence UK Graduate Confidence Index was unveiled to around 200 graduate recruiters at Quaglino’s in London.

This is a quarterly Index which tracks undergraduate students’ confidence in getting a graduate job after leaving university, and it is based on a poll of 7,500 students.

By comparing the index scores of different demographics to the national average score, we can begin to see patterns of confidence emerging across the UK:

•             Students are less confident about their chances of getting a graduate job than when they were polled earlier in 2014 - the National Confidence Score is at 75 out of 100 this quarter despite all the media talk of an impending economic recovery.

•             Male students are considerably more confident than female students about the future: male students are two points above the national average at 77, while female students are only polling at 73.

•             First year students are significantly more confident than final year students, coming in with a remarkable 80 points of confidence compared to a finalist confidence score of 73.

•             Those who were privately educated are more confident that those educated in the state sector.

•             The most confident student demographic are male first year students who live in the East Midlands and who were educated in the private sector. This demographic polled at an astounding 88 confidence points.

•             The least confident group of all are female, state-educated, final year students reading Media Studies. That demographic polled at a low score of 67.

Next quarter’s Index will be revealed at TARGETjobs Breakfast News in London on 18 September.

David Palmer, trendence UK Project Manager, said, “As the months and years go by, we will begin to see patterns of confidence emerging that relate to the UK’s economic situation and job availability, and these patterns will help to inform recruiters and universities. The trendence UK Graduate Confidence Index is an important tool for identifying groups of students whose confidence (or lack of it) requires a different approach or marketing message.”

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