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Should the EU bring in quotas for women on boards?

The MEP is a Member of the European Parliament Committee who took a lead role in the European Parliament’s consideration of the proposal.

On Monday 30 June the House of Lords EU Sub Committee on the Internal Market, Infrastructure and Employment, will revisit its 2012 investigation into the issue.

The Committee’s 2012 report argued against the imposition of quotas by the EU, stating that the EU had not shown that national measures were not working, at least in Member States such as the UK.

The EU’s proposal to impose a minimum number of women on boards in companies across Europe is currently being negotiated in Brussels, and is expected to be a priority when the new European Parliament is up-and-running in July this year.

The EU’s proposal to introduce quotas has long been a contentious one, and has been resisted by a large number Member States in EU negotiations. However the position of some Member States on quotas has changed – and the Committee is seeking to understand what impact this will have on the agreement of the EU proposal.

The Committee will ask Marina Yannakoudakis:

&middot         What is your view on the appropriateness of 40 per cent as a target or quota for the number of women on boards by 2020?

Do you think it is appropriate for the European Commission to be leading on this agenda, or is something best left to Member States to pursue?

Do you think the new European Parliament will have a different view on the proposal, and will this affect its negotiating position in trilogue meetings in the future?

From your perspective, what were the most significant amendments to the proposal made by the Women's Rights and Gender Equality European Parliament Committee?

Do you consider that the proposal adequately takes into account the legal and cultural nuances in different Member States?

What is your view of the compromise whereby a Member State can remain exempt through alternative efforts?

The evidence session will start at 4.15pm on Monday 30 June in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords.


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