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Staffing 360 Solutions Announces Non-Deal Roadshow in Europe

Management will be presenting the Company's business model and accretive growth strategy for 2014 in various European countries, including: Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

"In the last four quarters we've built this company to over $100 million in annualized revenues and have established a significant global presence," said A.J. Cervantes, Vice Chairman and President of Staffing 360 Solutions. "As we continue to grow in the expanding staffing industry, our executive team is keenly aware of the importance of communicating our successes to the worldwide financial markets. We look forward to meeting with institutional investors and high net worth investors throughout Europe as we relay details of our exciting growth story -- driven in large part by our accretive acquisition strategy."

As part of Staffing 360 Solutions' global awareness initiatives, Mr. Cervantes is spearheading the Company's investor outreach and financial communications strategies in countries around the world. Additional non-deal roadshows are expected to take place in other European nations, as well as the United States in the coming months. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Company at:


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