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Thousands of freelancers call for new EU Parliament to support rising number of self-employed

Over 3,000 independent professionals, or iPros, from countries right across Europe including Croatia, Italy and Germany have signed up in support of the Freelancers’ Manifesto online at

The Freelancers Manifesto calls for decision-makers to recognise the rise in those choosing to work in this way, the contribution they make to economies and to embrace this fundamental change to the way we work. The sector is now the fastest growing part of the European Labour Market, with the number of people choosing to go freelance rising by as much as 93% in some countries in 2013.

Joel Dullroy, the Berlin-based freelancer who set up the campaign said, “With thousands of freelancers from across Europe signing up to support this movement, this sends a clear message to the new European Parliament that they must do more for this important and flourishing sector.”

Andy Chamberlain, spokesman for the European Forum of Independent Professionals (EFIP), said, “The way we work is rapidly changing and the new European Parliament has an ideal opportunity to respond to this. The Freelancers’ Manifesto sets out simple and clear policies that the new European Parliament can support which will hugely help freelancers, politicians and businesses across Europe.

“Improving access to training and services and better regulation that specifically considers the unique needs of independent professionals are just some of the ways the new EU Parliament can support freelancers.

“Similar to the SME Envoy, appointing an iPro Envoy to champion freelancers at the top of the European Parliament will offer further support for independent professionals.

“There is still time for independent professionals to support the Movement and we urge freelancers from across Europe to sign the manifesto to ensure their voices continue to be heard loud and clear in the new EU Parliament.”


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