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Vacancy Filler announces availability of simple integrated online video interviewing technology

SOVI allows any hiring manager to obtain much greater insight into a candidates’ personality and presentation, rather than just a list of qualifications and will also reduce stress that can adversely affect performance in an interview situation.  The product saves significant time for both the hiring manager and the candidate.

Whilst there are a number of standalone video interviewing technology platforms available, Vacancy Filler has integrated SOVI into the Vacancy Filler recruitment software product.  This ensures that the recruiter does not have to manage candidates across disparate systems and becomes simply another step in the process.  When combined with all of the other facilities, for example integrated testing, the new technology will significantly improve the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Using the new software, the recruiter or hiring manager can use workflow based e-mail to invite candidates to participate in events, such as SOVI or online testing, and to schedule their own job interviews using the Vacancy Filler self-service calendar function.

The email body text inviting the candidates is fully customisable and will be relevant to the role and stage of the process.  SMS is also integrated into this communication channel and can be used as a reminder, for example, for an interview date or simply to keep them informed of where they sit in the evaluation process.

Tony Brookes, Sales Director, Vacancy Filler, said, “The addition of video content is the natural extension to the candidate communication process.  Integration is key and is in line with our strategy to combine all aspects of the recruitment process into one platform providing operational efficiencies and improved candidate experience whilst delivering tangible savings.

The product not only helps a manager to widen the number of potential candidates to review, but provides a realistic alternative to travelling, particularly where long distances are involved.  The software includes a facility for the recruiter and hiring manager to share, collaborate and rate each candidate online for quick and easy shortlisting removing the restrictions of time and location, provides a platform for consistent comparison, allows more candidates to be reviewed and delivers best use of resources and time.”

Candidates are invited to respond to a number of pre-prepared questions through a PC or mobile device-based webcam. Whilst the process requires a candidate to be online during the recording, it does not require much bandwidth and it can be scheduled at a time and location to suit the candidate.  Two interview modes are available single-shot, designed to make candidates think on their feet or alternatively, multi-shot, allowing them to re-record if they make a mistake.

Role-based templates can be created so that questions can be prepared in advance, making video invitations quick and easy to administer.  The questions can be selected from a standard library and the time allowed for the candidate to respond can be customised. 

Vacancy Filler is automatically updated when the candidate has completed the interview and automatically updates the status on the platform.  The hiring manager and other interested parties can then view the results online and create and invite comments.   A decision can then be taken on moving the candidate forward in the process or not.


Vacancy Filler’s Video Interviewing module is based on a simple pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing structure. There is the cost of a one-off service setup at &pound1,500, thereafter, charging is based on a price per completed interview model at just &pound10.00 (if a candidate abandons an interview part way through, no charge is made).



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