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Big data solution provides alternative talent hunting tool to social media

Many recruiters will have been in the position where they lack qualified applicants for a role, even though they know there is plenty of suitable talent out there. They just need to find them, but it isn’t always that simple! Now, instead of having to spend hours trawling through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google and GitHub, recruiters can instantly source the right talent.

The Crowd Works, a big data and analytics company focused on professional information, has been working for almost two years to develop an algorithm that applies big data and predictive analytics to match recruiters with relevant, qualified candidates and believes it has cracked the first half of the equation.
Ami Bloomer, CEO at The Crowd Works explains:

“90% of digital data has come online in the last two years. Social media has made it possible to identify all the relevant candidates – both active and passive – but it hasn’t made it easier to match talent with available opportunities.”

The Crowd Works widget completely automates the sourcing of candidates for recruiters by showing them candidates that have the skill and passion for the role from inside their own networks of friends, family, colleagues, people previously placed, clients and even suppliers.

Recruiters just need to login with LinkedIn to install The Crowd Works Widget in their browser – making the talent search a one-click process. They then need to invite all their contacts to join their network. Next, they go to any job online or upload a job description and click the TCW icon in the browser to instantly see job matches, reach out to talent, bulk contact candidates and save and annotate them for future jobs.

The Crowd Works Widget, a free plug-in extension, has been designed by a team of experts from the worlds of IT, HR, Recruitment and Talent Management who together have developed this ground-breaking algorithm, guaranteed to improve a recruiter’s ability to source and attract passive candidates.
The team, mentored by Harry Briggs, a VC at Balderton Capital, received a share of the &pound1,000,000 tech for good fund awarded by Nominet Trust to get the product off the ground.
Bloomer says “We know that it can be extremely time consuming sourcing good quality candidates. So, the widget simply sits inside their browser and enables recruiters to instantly match suitable candidates to jobs with a click of a button.

We aim to give recruiters their first 3 hires and their first 100 searches free of charge which we hope will give them complete peace of mind to trial The Crowd Works widget and see for themselves how effective it is. Basing hire decisions on data helps companies develop the best teams. And the best teams win.”



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