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Core-Asset Consulting launches vetting & on-boarding service for employers

Based on clients’ existing requirements, Core-Asset Verify’s vetting procedures are designed to provide a robust, transparent and uniform process for ensuring that prospective employees are fit and compliant to begin work.

By creating a platform for professional judgements supported by clear recommendations, it provides a pragmatic process for distinguishing between wilful acts of dishonesty or fraud and administrative errors or other anomalies.

Unique within the Scottish financial sector, Core-Asset Verify is the only vetting service that also offers an on-boarding service for interim hires. This means that clients have access to a powerful combination of vetting, contract management, payroll and aftercare services.

Core-Asset Verify is focused on providing high standards of communication with both client and applicant throughout the vetting and on-boarding processes. This speeds up completion times, mitigates the risk of applicant dropout – a growing issue with background checks lengthening considerably in recent years – and enhances the client’s employer brand.

Betsy Williamson, managing director of Core-Asset Consulting, said, “Over the last decade there has been a growing demand from financial sector firms for professional employment vetting services. In many ways this is a natural consequence of the tightening regulatory environment which has dominated our industry in recent years.

“Increasingly, the requirements associated with these vetting checks have become more detailed and rigorous. In response, dedicated providers have emerged whose sole function is to ensure these checks are carried out in a uniform and cost-effective manner.

“But the commoditised nature of these services has meant that vetting has become more and more removed from the recruitment process. This has led to frustration from both clients and applicants, with timescales increasing and opportunities for case-by-case interpretations lessening.                                                                    

“Due to these frustrations, as a recruiter we have become more and more involved in the vetting process. As a result, we already possess substantial experience of vetting for many leading organisations within the UK’s financial sector.    

“Added to this, our interim, temporary and contract division, Core-Asset Solutions, has built up considerable expertise in the provision of contract management, payroll and aftercare services.

“The launch of Core-Asset Verify brings together under one banner our considerable experience and expertise in these areas. It should help clients greatly with two increasingly important aspects of the recruitment process.”



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