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GLA chair and future governance agreed

The moves were announced during a meeting of a Commons’ Delegated Legislation Committee last week by Karen Bradley, the Home Office Minister for Modern Slavery and Organised Crime. 

Members then discussed and agreed the & lsquo;Draft GLA Regulations for 2014’, which reduce the GLA board from 29 members to nine, and streamline the governance processes specified in the regulations. 

The amended regulations were passed by a House of Lords committee on Wednesday and the motion received final approval in the Lords on Tuesday afternoon. 

In presenting her proposals to the committee, the Home Office minister said, “Reforming the board in the way provided for in the regulations will enable the GLA to better adapt to the changing circumstances that it faces. The Government wishes to bring the regulations forward now to ensure effective recruitment of new board members, starting this summer. 

“Strong and effective engagement with the sectors that the GLA regulates remains important and will be ensured through improved advisory groups reporting to the main board, building on the current system of sector liaison groups. I therefore commend the regulations to the committee.” 

She added that the aim was to create a board that had the best skills and expertise in the sectors being regulated, as well as commercial, financial and legal experience - plus knowledge in the regulation of comparable sectors.  

The minister also said she was pleased the Chair had agreed to extend her term at the GLA as it would enable her to see through the reforms to the board.  

Mrs Beels said: “There are extremely important times ahead for the GLA, especially as the new Modern Slavery Bill begins to take shape.  

“The GLA’s expertise in identifying labour exploitation is, sadly, being called upon more and more. As part of the Home Office, we continue to regulate labour provision through the operation of the GLA’s rigorous licensing scheme and will now be able to work ever more closely with those who are concerned about the appalling crimes inflicted on vulnerable workers in the UK. 


“I am therefore very pleased to have been re-appointed to act as Chair of the Authority for the next two years and, working with the new GLA board, to be given an opportunity to continue to support the excellent work of the authority.  

“Although the new board will be smaller, we will put in arrangements to ensure that the voices of all our stakeholders, whose support we greatly value, continue to be heard.” 

GLA Chief Executive Paul Broadbent welcomed the minister’s announcement and said: “I am delighted with the reappointment of Margaret Beels as the chair of the GLA as she provides the continuity of leadership and strategic direction that is so vital in addressing labour exploitation.  

“I’m also pleased that Parliament has approved the plans for GLA board reform, which will streamline the governance of the GLA and improve its effectiveness and its ability to react and adapt appropriately.”  


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