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How can the youth employment problem be addressed?

There are some steps that young people believe can create youth jobs.

On 13-15 June, Proffice subsidary Antenna Consulting conducted a survey on youth jobs in the "little Almedalen" Youngster in Borgholm (

Turning to politicians, business leaders and opinion makers in Almedalen got young movie send greetings and rank what is most important to get young people into work. 102 people responded to the survey.

This is the result:

1) More internships
2) Better interoperability school / business
3) Lower employer contributions for young people
4) possibility to study longer, for example by cheaper student
5) More vocational training for young
Some voices from Youngster:
"The Swedish labor market needs to change their attitude. It is extremely age-education fixed. The ad that made ??me the most thoughtful was a job as a receptionist where you would have college education even though there was nothing in the service demanded it. "
"Creating solutions where young people actually get out there and get to WORK experience. Either through internships or through short-term employment as "adult" job seekers are not interested. "
- It's great to take note of all the good ideas and the willingness to take responsibility held by so many young people. We will create hope among the young and ensure their particular skills, rather than a lack of skills. A key to the solution to youth unemployment is a better matching between job seekers and jobs. Here are proffice experts, says Henrik H&oumljsgaard, President and CEO of proffice.
The study discussed today on Proffice seminar in Almedalen where Henry H&oumljsgaard talk about jobs with Ardalan Shekarabi, MP and member of the Social Democrats' executive committee, Monica Lingeg&aringrd, President Sam-hall, Pierre Olofsson, President of Skanska Sweden and Per Mossberg, Communications Director Post North.
Listen to what young people think politicians, businesses - and they can do for youth jobs:

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