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Internly hits Finland market

The premier startup hub city welcomes Internly as the first HR company in Finland which specializes in internships, trainees and entry-level jobs. The company works with schools and institutions all over Finland and in other European countries to find trainee positions for undergraduate students. Internly uses its online platform to enable companies find entry level workers, thesis workers, researchers, graduate trainees and professionals.

For companies, the online system has been developed to enable companies to post trainee vacancies and a resume analysis solution is created to save companies time in exploring the CV’s and deciding on the right candidates to interview. The work with schools enables Internly to have access to students who soon to be graduates, students seeking thesis work, students seeking summer work and graduate students. Enterprises can stay constantly ahead in the recruitment process and save time too.The resume analysis solution allows enterprises to select 1 to 5 CV’s out of a possible 150 or 1000 CV’s in less than 10 minutes.

Internly hascreated a feature that enables entry level job seekers and students ( Bachelor's Degree, Masters Degree, PHD) looking for trainee opportunities to fill out their resume and use it to apply for current openings and those other upcoming openings in companies in Finland and abroad.
They can also download the resume in pdf to send to other companies and can always come back to edit their CV and use it to apply for jobs via By only one account on, members can use their resume to apply for any openings. is a product of Konor, a Finnish company. Internly was opened up to HR startup company in April, 2014. The company works with enterprises to provide them with graduate and undergraduate trainees. For only 3 months from the establishment, Internly has already been rated in top 100 startup rankings in Finland.


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