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Next Ventures reveal a gross profit increase of 12%

Overall, against the same period in its previous year, a summary of the financial highlights include:

 Permanent net fee income up overall by 25.53%

Overall company Gross Profit up by 12%

A record Q2 with the highest quantity of new contract sales written and a 32% up-lift in deals per Consultant

New business deal totals, across both permanent and contract businesses, increased by 31% ?

Strong, consistent performance in International markets with an upsurge of its German operation Gross Profit by 59%

Period end Group head-count up 18% 

Historically, Q3 has been Next Venture’s strongest performing quarter however Q2 2014 was its strongest quarter on record, the average deal ratio per Consultant was at its highest level, with an up-surge of total sales in that period to 31%. 

70% of the Group’s business is generated in overseas markets, with its international operations demonstrating strong persistent performance and growth, with its German operations showing an up-surge in Gross Profit to 59% and its Switzerland and Brazil offices primed to move in-line. 

Darren Rosenfeld, co-founder of Next Ventures, explains “we are invigorated by our half year results, where we have demonstrated robust and consistent international growth in some 21 countries, whilst substantially increasing sales volumes across both our permanent and contract capacities, at the same time substantially increasing our Gross Profit across our operations.” 

Rosenfeld added, “Per Consultant, we have seen a considerable up-lift in our sales ratios, with our head-count also up 18% against our previous half year. We continue to make 

strides in many industries across our overseas operations, and combining the success of our latest Brazil operation, we are projecting another strong Q3 performance.” 

“In summary, with the projections we are working towards for new business combined with our run rate, we are confident we will continue to increase our overall Gross Profit across our business, and continue the operational momentum of expanding our head-count and progressing individual performance.”  


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