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No excuse for family-friendly working hours coming under threat

These potentially serious HR blunders are storing up problems for employees, according to Chorus HR.
The campaign group Working Families said that families are struggling to keep a healthy work/life balance due to changing demands at work. It said: "A growing number of callers to the helpline are reporting the family-friendly working pattern they have had in place for years being changed or withdrawn virtually overnight, with no opportunity for them to express their views and negotiate either retention of the existing pattern or, failing that, a mutually agreeable compromise.”
Cheshire’s Chorus HR provides HR technology solutions for SMEs and is confident employers can do more to comply, without breaking the bank. “It is such a shame that employers and employees are struggling to find a common ground on something so simple. Poorly handled HR issues such as this are a real tragedy and can have really damaging consequences on family life and employee-employer relationships,” said Bridget Stidworthy of Chorus HR. “That in turn will impact on a company’s performance, and can be totally counter-productive,” she added.
Managing the timetables and working hours of employees has been a longstanding headache for many SMEs that may not have the resources for a designated HR department. In this situation, managers find themselves juggling HR responsibilities alongside their wider obligations and this can lead to problems.
“SMEs employ people who are outstanding at what they do be it selling televisions, cooking food or fixing cars. It is important that these people are able to focus on the jobs that they excel at, distracting them with HR issues is an inefficient use of resources,” said Bridget. “The staffing needs of businesses can and do change, this report shows that some employers are struggling to deal with these changes in a way that is fair to their employees.”
Chorus HR has years of extensive HR experience of how HR procedures can be best implemented. “Good HR management is about keeping a healthy balance between the needs of a business and the needs of an employee on occasion the two may differ and at those times a clear and open dialogue is needed. It is sad to see that there are cases here where this has not happened, and we would say the onus is on the employer to open such dialogue,” concluded Bridget.



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