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Oakleaf Partnership releases quarterly HR Job Index

The index measures all job orders registered with the Firm throughout the period by industry sector groupings. 

Year-on-year HR job growth to date has been significant in total new job orders increase 56% year on year.  Split by industry sector, notable movements were:

&middot         Financial and Professional  Services  42%

&middot         Industry and Commerce  48%

&middot         Reward and Analytics  100%

&middot         International  110%

Quarter on quarter (for Q1), total new job orders also increased 13% significant sector movement included:

&middot         Financial and Professional Services  7%

&middot         Third Sector  58%

&middot         Payroll   90%

Again the market displays a continuing upward trend of job orders for the last two years.  We find it interesting to note that of total orders across the market,  42% are across the financial and professional services sector.  The Reward, payroll and analytics space however is very strong with some 25% of new roles registered being in this area, recognising the ongoing focus and importance to all businesses of these areas of functional specialism.

By way of further analysis the HRJI also has looked at the spread of seniority of roles registered.  Quarter on quarter we noticed:

&middot         Salary levels over &pound100,000 33%

&middot         &pound75000 - &pound99,999 10%

&middot         &pound50,000 to &pound74,999  25%

&middot         Salary levels to &pound49,999 17%

CEO, Nicola Grimshaw commented:  & lsquo;the results demonstrate again the ongoing confidence of the marketplace and the need of many businesses to increase the benchstrength of the HR teams.  We have observed a number of large transformation projects occurring across industries leading to a restructure and hence hiring different HR professionals to businesses.  As our business also continues to build specialist teams within particular areas,  such a  the Third Sector, Payroll and Global Mobility the number of opportunities seen by Oakleaf in these specialisms increased significantly, as clients are keen to work with experts in the marketplace to source difficult to fill roles.’


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