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REC 'flex report': Danbro shows high level of compliance with Onshore Intermediaries legislation

According to the report, recent figures suggest that there are in excess of 1.6m temporary or freelance workers in the UK.

Damian Broughton, managing director of Danbro, said, “The contingent workforce is key to the continuing success of the UK economy and when operated correctly provides significant benefit and opportunity to both workers and businesses. It is important therefore that all service providers to this part of the employment sector operate to the highest standards.”

 “As we all know there have been significant changes in legislation in our area and the Government has made its intentions clear in respect of protecting the rights of the temporary worker. It is therefore disturbing that we are continuing to hear of the use of so called & lsquo;hybrid’ or & lsquo;elective deduction’ models designed to navigate an advantageous path through the Onshore Intermediaries Legislation. Not only do these schemes present a risk of challenge from HMRC, but they pose a threat to the integrity of our industry.”

HMRC has recently set up a drop box to allow the reporting of dubious employment models. The TAAR within the legislation provides HMRC with the ability to target any schemes that come to its attention.

In conclusion Mr Broughton said “As a key player in the contingent workforce marketplace we are keen to play our part in delivering solutions that are fair and commercially beneficial to all. We would urge agencies and employers to satisfy themselves that they are working with compliant solutions so that we can all continue to play our part in the success story that is the UK Flexible Workforce.”



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