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Talent spotting website set to ease the stress for recruitment agencies

The site, which will hold a vast number of CVs, have search mechanisms for fast job matching and a section for real-time freelancer job posting, will also allow recruitment agency staff to meet and greet applicants using a video conference facility.

It is hoped this will make the process of finding the best person for the job smoother, faster and more effective.

Kieran Roper, the entrepreneur behind the platform called Flippie said: “Social networks already exist for business use but many of those have complicated search processes.

“Our aim is to make the whole system of looking for a job – or indeed looking for the right employee – simple.

“Key to that will be the ability to introduce people face-to-face. A lot of time and money is wasted on interview processes and it is cost-effective and extremely quick to hold the first meeting online with a simple click of a button.

“This way you could post a job and within an hour be meeting the candidates you want to put forward.”

Roper, 29, came up with the idea of Flippie, which will be officially launched next year, because he wanted to create a single network where people could seamlessly “flip” between a work and play mode on a single screen.

This would allow them to keep photographs and friend groups private while giving them access to job adverts, helping them to create CVs, reach potential employers and engage in business-orientated chat.

He said, “Right now we have Facebook for friends, LinkedIn for business, Skype for video calling and Twitter for mindless chatter. My site will do all those things and more.”

Roper, who was granted funding from the Princes Trust for another of his inventions – a type of golf caddy – when he was just 18, has already secured investment for the first phase of his current project.

He has now employed a team of web experts from Suffolk-based Creative Intent to help build and fine-tune his website.

Among sections being included is a forum for posting freelance jobs. This should help plug a gap in the market for a site which offers real-time immediate work opportunities on a daily basis.

On top of this there will be a page dedicated to helping job applicants fine-tune their CVs with tips on interview technique.

“This will help people to feel more confident in their search for work,” said Kieran. “But it will also help recruiters who will receive CVs in identical formats and be able to find employees quickly and effectively in their local area.

“It pays to sign up now to be part of this when it launches because we have a special offer in place for a limited time only.”

Recruiters who sign up to Flippie in the next four weeks will get their first three months for free once the site officially goes live.

After that they will receive a discounted rate from then on for unlimited jobs listings.

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