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Tempo chair comments on job advertising abroad crackdown

He said, "Tempo is supportive of the Government’s aims to prevent agencies from recruiting solely from overseas (BIS Consultation on prohibiting employment agencies and employment businesses from advertising jobs exclusively in other EEA countries) as we agree it is right that any UK opportunities for temporary work are open to workers based in this country. However it is important that the ability of businesses in the UK to grow as the economy recovers is not constrained by an inability to access the skilled or unskilled workers they need.

“The Government has acknowledged the need to ensure young people don’t actively choose benefits over earning a living. So it follows that if certain jobs cannot attract applications locally despite continuing unemployment in that area this needs to be addressed.  Whilst tempo members are keen to encourage young people to use temporary assignments to build work experience and learn the disciplines of going to work they also have a responsibility to meet the workforce needs of their clients, advertising in Europe as well as locally as a legitimate solution when this proves difficult.

“Tempo also welcomes the inclusion within the BIS consultation of potential amendments to the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations. We hope that the Government might accept that, at a time of economic growth, its previous decision to reject calls for a voluntary code of conduct established by the industry itself needs to be reconsidered.  Tackling abuse in a piecemeal way when an issue comes to the fore (e.g. zero hours and, now, overseas workers) is not an effective way of supporting the UK’s flexible labour market and protecting workers.  With no code of conduct and no barriers to entry for the sector poor practices will persist and be hard to control.”


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