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Update for recruiters placing expatriates on fixed term assignments in Belgium

The company said, "Expatriate, self-employed, contractors operating in Belgium for less than 2 years can elect to either obtain an A1 Certificate from their home country or make due Belgian social security contributions.  Up to the end of 2014, these contributions are capped at circa &euro685 per quarter.  ItsInternational’s regulated accountancy team in Brussels confirms that from 1st January 2015, the contributions will be calculated on the basis of the reported income for each tax year.  In addition, the contractors have to join a “mutuelle” (a health insurance fund).  Registration with a “mutuelle” is generally requested by the Commune before it grants a final residence permit. 

"This dramatic rise in social security contributions for expatriates means a genuine, self-employed A1 (i.e. one which has been obtained from the placement’s home country) could have an even more positive impact on their overall net income retention.  So please contact ItsInternational when you are next making placements (be they expatriates or locals) in Belgium.

"ItsInternational facilitates special immigration, tax management and payment services for individuals placed on fixed term assignments in many countries across the world.  The company offers solutions which address & lsquo;risk’ to help protect recruiters and their clients as well as enable valuable placements to realise highly desirable income retentions from their assignments."


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