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Aaron Anderson & Proffice team reach Galdhpiggen summit after seven hours

After seven and a half hours in wheelchairs and on crutches, could Aaron Anderson, wheelchair bound adventurer and athlete with his project, to climb Galdh&oslashpiggen together with a team from Proffice. 

Aaron Anderson, lecturer and inspiration, got cancer as a child and was wheelchair bound. But despite its function obstacle, he began to build up the body, to sport and raise money for Barncancerfonden, corresponding to the Children Cancer Society which he collaborates with in Norway.

A sporting challenge was to climb Kebnekaise and Europe's highest mountain Elbrus in the Caucasus in Russia that he almost managed to reach as close as 277 meters due to bad weather. 

But Galdh&oslashpiggen took Aaron the way up to the top, eager and roared on by the team from Proffice. 

- The langer water, carrying the wheelchair and cheer me up. For over seven hours working and struggling ourselves up to the top. We cross areas with large boulders, are interconnected with lanyard over the glacier and climb the steep sections. At times I am exhausted, but giving up is never an option, says Aaron continues: - Finally we see the top! Achieving this is a fantastic feeling. A sense of happiness and pleasure, says Aaron, and adds: For me it's much the happiness is all about, to constantly move forward and evolve. To set up more goals and dare to dream about the next level! 

Stein Andr&eacute Haugerud, administrative director of Proffice is proud of Aaron's achievement: 

"It shows that we manage more than you think with the right motivation. We continue to collaborate with Aaron Anderson and the important collection of money for what he truly passionate about: the fight against pediatric cancer", says Haugerud. 

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