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Alternative school league tables will provide a more rounded view of teacher contributions

The agency says that teachers will see the step as an opportunity to provide a more holistic view of the quality of education and performance than the current league tables, which many regard serve more of a political than an educational purpose. The new league tables would be distinct from official Government performance data, which is used to generate school rankings. 

Head teachers, it is reported, want to include more information about schools than simply exam results, such as music and sport. They believe the new tables will provide a more rounded snapshot of education and will be free from political influence. The proposals are being put forward by the Association of School and College Leaders, the National Association of Head Teachers and the United Learning group, which runs academies and independent schools.

“All of the teachers with which we work want to be recognised as educators and not just be judged on the important but rather arbitrary measurement of exam results,” says Darryl Mydat, Managing Director of TLTP Education. 

“Our teachers tell us that they go into the profession to educate young people and they should be measured on the basis of the quality of teaching and education they deliver. To judge teachers and schools purely on the basis of exams, which can be influenced by so many other extraneous factors, doesn’t provide a rounded view. Many see this as a way to provide a better review of education and the contribution of teachers and a way for teachers to reclaim some control over their profession from political interference.”

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