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DPA achieves further sales and profit growth in first half of 2014

• Further increase turnover and profit 

• Successful integration of acquisitions in segment Engineering & ICT 
• Further strengthening of activities in promising niches 

Financial highlights

• Sales up 17% to EUR 40.1 million (H1 2013: 34.3 million) 
• Increase in gross profit by 32% to EUR 9.7 million (H1 2013: 7.4 million) 
• EBITDA of 3.0 million euros ( H1 2013: 2.0 million) 
• Shareholders' equity at June 30, 2014: EUR 42.8 million (December 31, 2013: 41.8 million) 
• Share of actual hours by our own professionals 78% (H1 2013: 76%)

Quote Eric Winter, CEO of DPA

"The stable performance and increased profitability by DPA are also due to our focus on delivering distinctive knowledge and skills. Strengthening the added value for clients and attractive employment remain major concerns, as well as obtaining additional economies of scale through organic growth and acquisitions. Also in the first half of 2014 we have invested in new operations in promising niches and we will continue to do so. "

Financial results

In the first half of 2014, DPA Group saw further growth in sales and profitability. Revenue increased by 17% to 40.1 million (H1 2013: 34.3 million), mainly driven by the acquisitions in 2013 Gross profit before exceptional and non-recurring items rose to EUR 9.7 million (H1 2013: 7.4 million). The normalized gross margin before exceptional and non-recurring items amounted to 24.2% (H1 2013: 21.5%). acquired in the second half of 2013 DPA CreditForce contributed 0.9 million euros in revenues and 0.2 million euros in gross profit. The technical professionals of the DPA joined in the same period in the group Techni Power contributed 1.7 million euros in revenues and 0.4 million in gross profit, while the consulting engineers of DPA Cauberg- Huygen 3.0 million contributed to revenues and 1.1 million in gross profit. Altogether, the acquired in 2013 contributed EUR 5.6 million to the turnover of DPA and 1.7 million in gross profit. The total goodwill recognized in connection with these transactions totaled 0.8 million euros.


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