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EPloy's job seeker mobile activity doubles in 2014

&middot         190% increase in mobile applications

&middot         196% increase in mobile log-ins on candidate portals

&middot         Engineering sector has seen the most significant growth

&middot         Monthly averages for universities have doubled

&middot         Greater increase in mobile activity for agencies

For a few years now Eploy, the online recruitment software company, has been banging the mobile drum, so with a recent surge in clients interested in candidate portals that provide the best experience for mobile as well as desktop users, the company has analysed its data to see if mobile really is as important as they have been saying.

Eploy has seen a significant growth in clients wanting to embrace mobile recruitment technology in 2014, which is no coincidence because it echoes the findings of a leading job site, who recently announced that their job search data showed nearly 50% of all job-seekers are looking and applying for jobs on a mobile device. 

Chris Bogh, Eploy’s technical director, said, “By comparing our clients’ average monthly figures from 2013 and 2014, we’ve seen a massive 190% increase in applications made from a mobile device, and a 196% increase in mobile logins on our clients’ candidate portals. We’re only half way through 2014 and yet the number of mobile logins and applications is almost equal to the whole of 2013. 

“Furthermore, when we directly analysed mobile usage as compared to desktop activity, there is a significant shift change. We’ve seen the average monthly logins on a mobile increase to nearly a quarter of all logins, up from 17% in 2013, and the percentage of job applications made on a mobile device has quadrupled,” confirmed Bogh

In terms of Eploy clients, the engineering sector has seen the most significant growth with the monthly average for mobile logins and mobile applications doubling in 2014.

Eploy’s universities, representing the newest generation of job seekers, have unsurprisingly always seen high mobile traffic but even this sector has seen significant growth, with monthly averages for logins and applications on smartphones and tablets doubling in 2014.

The research also confirmed that this growth is not unique to in-house recruiters wanting to emphasise their employer brand and deliver a positive candidate experience interestingly there has also been a greater increase in mobile activity on Eploy’s agency candidate portals. 

Last year, Google estimated that 50% cent of recruitment related searches will be conducted from a mobile device by the third quarter of 2014.  Eploy’s research supports this, and serves to further highlight how important it is for recruiters to fully embrace and integrate mobile technologies into their recruitment and social media strategy now. 

“Mobile really is as important as we’ve been saying,” concluded Bogh.


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