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Flexi-time Boom for Parents

For parents this is great news though, a way of bringing up their child without work being an obstacle. Having to bring up a child while working to set hours can be difficult picking the child up from school or nursery, getting them there in time before work, even with a part-time position with set hours it can be a hurdle.

Alternatively, whether a single parent or both parents, they may work full-time and have to fork out for expensive day-care, and missing out on the bonding process during the child’s formative years that is so important to their development. Or end up not working at all and either rely on a single wage coming in or, as a single parent, live on state hand-outs and get caught in the benefits trap.

Introducing this bill is a major shift in employment policy, with enormous benefits for both workers and employers, but there is a caveat: it is the right to apply for a flexible working pattern, not an automatic right to change your hours. Whether or not your employer allows it comes down to what they see as the business needs for the company.

Flexi Workforce is a recruitment agency with a difference: all the jobs offered on its freshly launched new look website include flexible working patterns, part-time hours, term-time only or the chance to work from home. Opportunities are available from a range of employers from small businesses to huge multinationals. 


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