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Fresh outlook for SThree San Francisco

The office, opened on the 21st July, is on the 39th floor of the building in which the previous office was housed and boasts room for 100 staff in a contemporary space.

In addition to its smart contemporary decor, it boasts panoramic 360 views of the city including the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

The office lobby is stylish and contemporary

The prime location of the office is a sharp contrast to the offices of SThree’s competitors, many of whom are based in business parks outside of San Francisco. This is an important differentiation for the company and the picturesque views from the office are designed to inspire existing employees whilst acting as an enticing space in which to work for prospective employees.

The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the office

The move has united two of the company’s brands, Computer Futures and Real Staffing, which were previously housed in separate offices.

Real Staffing, which operates in the life sciences sector and Computer Futures, which services the IT sector have thrived since they were set up in the city in 2010, the same year SThree launched in the U.S.

The office cafe is a great space to relax in

Commenting on the Group’s half year results, published last month, Gary Elden, CEO, said, "The Americas had a very strong first half, growing 62%* year-on-year. Our performance in the USA has been highly encouraging and we see significant opportunities to maintain these high levels of growth.”

Real Staffing’s growth was confirmed as being up 64% on 2013 prompting Scott Fulton, senior VP at SThree America, to say, “The reason that Real has done so well is that firstly we’ve been supported really well by people that have relocated from our London office, come over to help drive the real expansion across America. It’s the only one of all of our brands that we operate in each of our hub locations. We’re doing it in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and San Diego and soon to be opening it in Texas.” Growth in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to remain strong and SThree has confirmed Real Staffing will continue to focus on expansion within the Pacific West region.

In fact SThree has employed the knowledge of its European  staff to establish and drive growth in all of its U.S. based businesses. Tom Way Vice President of North America says, “Up until recently there wearn’t any companies that had done really well in the U.S. For many years we were only doing finance within the U.S. and it was only by investing in really good people from our European business that we started to get results within the IT business, energy and pharma.”

The live wall in the lobby creates a serene atmosphere

The tech market has bounced back from the recession that was in progress when SThree America launched in the U.S. in 2010 and now accounts for 28% of the whole recruitment market. It is expected this growth will now pave the way for Computer Futures to expand into niche technical areas, which they expect to do within the next two to three years. Fulton explains, “There’s a massive skills shortage in IT and we always do well in markets where there’s a big skills shortage. That would be where we see the large growth from the San Francisco office.” With the economy showing no signs of slowing down Shree America expect the San Francisco office to meet its growth target of 100 staff which will make it the biggest specialist recruitment agency in the city.

Fulton stresses the prospects for staff joining any of the brands from the UK are great. He says, “What we say to them is the market in the U.S. doesn’t feel any easier. When people first come out there are still the same challenges to building relationship as there are in the UK, but it’s once you get over those initial challenges that the scale of the opportunity is just so big. The size of the market takes their careers and opportunities to another level.”

SThree America also aims to fill the new vacancies being created across its U.S. locations through its USA graduate recruitment programme. Staff will be taking part in careers fairs across 50 U.S. university campuses this autumn and will be recruiting for staff across the company’s four brands. In addition to Real Staffing and Computer Futures, they include Progressive which specialises in engineering, oil and gas and Huxley, focusing on banking and finance.


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