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Hire an apprentice & claim a 1,500 grant for your business

? Claim &pound1,500 for every apprentice you hire (subject to eligibility).

? FREE service to help you find an apprentice.  We do all the advertising, source candidates and arrange interviews, all you need to do is say YES!

? Government funds the training for all apprentices.

? Reduce overheads (apprentice rates are &pound2.68 an hour).

? Address skills gap within your organisation.

? No recruitment fee. ? An apprentice is typically aged 16-24 which means they will develop into your current workforce, quickly acquiring the core skills they need for your specific business.

? Shows your business social responsibility and commitment to the community or wider economy by tackling youth unemployment.

? An apprentice is employed on a short term contract usually 12 months.  

? The Childcare Company have funding available to start you on your apprenticeship journey.  

? Apprenticeships available in a wide range of sectors and skills.

If you would like more information on how your business could benefit from hiring an apprentice, call The Childcare Company's Apprentice Recruitment Manager: Sarah Harden  01753 313 460  


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