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HR must play its part in creating an open culture

The latest Hays Journal asks what role HR has to play in developing open organisational culture.

As we emerge from the recession organisations are challenging their leadership behaviours and organisational cultures. HR must prepare the business for such changes, helping to develop an open culture that listens to their employees and the outside world.

Barney Ely, Director at Hays Human Resources says: “An organisation’s public reputation is a major factor in attracting talent today. The opinion of your talent pool really matters, particularly as competition for staff increases. The culture of your organisation and how this is perceived from the outside has never been more important.”

To create the kind of transparent culture and internal collaboration that characterises open organisations, HR must be involved from the outset.

Barney Ely continues, “HR has a powerful role to play in facilitating this new way of working whether through large-scale organisational changes that remove conventional hierarchies and job titles or the implementation of internal social networks. HR teams need to work closely with other functions and business leaders to develop clear policies that outline the benefits of increased openness, within parameters that protect the organisation’s reputation, data and intellectual property.”

HR cannot achieve this without the support of leadership, Barney Ely continues: “The key to success of open organisations is support from leadership. Leaders will have to adjust to a role of collaborator, rather than controller, and this may be a learning curve for some organisations. HR can help support this process by explaining the business benefits of an open organisation to improving the organisation’s reputation with customers, stakeholders and employees.”


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