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UK Engineering job vacancies record

The number of engineering vacancies, advertised via its multi job posting solution, rose 37 per cent from June making it a record number for the year so far. 

Richard Clarke, Managing Director at Recruitive says: “Our figures back The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) who, at the end of July, reported that the demand remains high and that 51 per cent of employers said they were recruiting staff this year.”

Clarke adds: “The IET’s Annual Report for 2014 also showed that more and more employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit the engineers they need.  This is also reflected in our data which shows that our clients are having to advertise their engineering vacancies on many different job board websites in order to find the standard of recruit they are looking to hire.” 

During July each engineering vacancy was advertised on an average of 10 different job board websites in order to increase candidate exposure to find the right people. This compares to just 4 websites for each vacancy within the retail sector.

The candidates are clearly out there but, as with many industries, competition for the best candidates is becoming fiercer.  Employers need to be promoting their vacancies in a number of different ways in order to be seen and attract the best talent. 


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