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82% of executives say its harder for todays college grads to land a job, survey reveals

Overall, executives responded that a college degree helps in building a successful career. Eighty-seven percent (87%) said that their undergraduate studies prepared them for their present jobs. And, the majority (62%) agrees that an undergraduate degree is still necessary for career success.

However, perhaps reflecting shifts in the labor market, fifty-four percent (54%) also believe that a college degree is less valuable today than when they graduated.

"With an economy that is doing far more with far fewer, we are in an unprecedented era of a workforce mismatch,” said Ken Kring, Korn Ferry’s co-managing director of the Global Education Practice. “Jobs are being created faster than skills are being developed. It has created the need for a new kind of leader who can adapt on the fly – one that has learning agility. One thing is clear, the exact job a person holds today will likely be dramatically different within a few years."

Overall a college degree is worth it:

Plus, sixty-two percent (62%) believe an undergraduate degree is essential to career success. When it comes to the value of an advanced degree, seventy-seven percent (77%) responded that a graduate degree is worth the investment.

Executive say job prospects are improving:

Sixty-seven percent (67%) said job prospects are better for 2014 graduates versus the graduates of 2013. When asked to compare today’s job prospects against what faced newly minted college grads three years ago, the optimism dipped slightly, with fifty-six percent (56%) seeing things better nowadays.


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