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Ironman: Square One head to Barcelona

Amongst those taking part will be Stefan Albers-Brough, Head of Legal, from IT, ERP & Pharmaceutical specialist recruiter Square One Resources. 

With the grueling physical feat before him, its unlikely Stefan will get much time to explore many of the World Heritage sites, museums, cathedrals, or bazaars which Spain’s eastern coastline offers. Starting at 8.47am with a 3.8km swim in the Mediterranean, Stefan will then cycle for 180km. To finish off the challenge (and hopefully not Stefan), he will then complete a 42.2km running (a marathon as commonly known).

In support of charities Macmillan Nurses, Huntingdon’s Disease and Crohn’s and Colitis, Stefan has spent months in preparation for the world renowned Ironman challenge.  The training schedule involves approximately 20 hours per week training swimming, cycling, and running as well as a number of “warm up” events such as the triathlon in Alcatraz and a sprint triathlon in Blenheim to name a couple.

About the Ironman contest, Stefan Albers-Brough says, “I’ve done a few challenges in the past, but this one tops them all on a technical, physical and mental level. I have never felt fitter, but also never felt as emotionally and physically drained. Why do it? To see if I can, I guess. If I can raise as much money as possible for these worthy charities at the expense of some blood, sweat and tears, then that (along with my first cold beer in a long time) will serve me just right to get me to the finish line.”

Should you wish to donate to these fantastic charities Stefan has a Virgin Giving account, here, which contain further details.  Participation in the contest has been personally funded by Stefan and as such, all proceeds raised from the sponsorship will go to Macmillan Nurses, Huntingdon’s Disease and Crohn’s and Colitis directly.


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