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Morgan Hunt Dragons help young lives get on track

With the aim of “getting young lives on track” around 20 Luton students participated from the trust, coming to 16 Old Bailey with ideas they had to present on. The aim was to showcase how they plan to impact their local community in a positive way. Our part was place of the & lsquo;dragons’ by assessing their attempts and providing valuable feedback and critique to positively impact future prospects.

“It’s difficult to imagine the challenges that some young people face in making that crucial break that leads to employment, so we were delighted to welcome 16 young people to our offices” says our Managing Director, Sue Cooper. “Our employee contribution in support of our charity partnership and these initiatives in particular, is fantastic.”

 The & lsquo;Dragons Den’ style event is just one of the charity partnership initiatives that we at Morgan Hunt help stage in conjunction with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust.

Our initiatives are designed to help improve employability, using everything at our disposal including mentoring, & lsquo;back-to-work’ CV-writing and interview courses.

Meet our panel for the day

Our 'dragons' had much to say of the day but all echoed how privileged they were to be taking part in this initiative and how inspirational all the participants were.

Kevin, our resident & lsquo;Duncan Bannatyne’ said “Today was very inspirational. It was a great opportunity to gain some perspective on the challenges young people are facing these days. They seemed to get a lot from the program and gave a great deal of & lsquo;gumption’ which was admirable. It was an honour to be involved”.

Precious (who is an absolute double for Kelly Hoppen don’t we think) when asked about her experience as a dragon she had this to say “I put my name forward because I wanted to be able to impart some of my knowledge. If I had known what I know now at their age, who knows, I could have been Prime Minister”.

Simply and perfectly put “We shared some nuggets of wisdom”.

Johnny who was able to bring some smiles to some very nervous presenters said, “I absolutely loved being a ’Dragon’ today for the Trust. I was particularly impressed by how prepared and communicative everyone involved was. They presented really well and took all our thoughts and opinions on board – a truly rewarding experience."

Lalida, our final dragon had a key message to get across, which was “Do your homework, be prepared and go into your interview with energy. These are the words I wanted to impart because our young people are the future and I want them to enjoy all the opportunities I’ve been lucky enough to have. With hard work, anyone can get here”.

Our & lsquo;Dragons Den’-style event is held once a quarter across our three UK locations. In addition to this, where possible we aim to provide exit routes through work experience, jobs in our recruitment teams or with our clients.

To find out more about the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and all the other initiatives they’re driving to get young lives on track visit their website or like them on Facebook and Twitter.

Our next dragons den event will be in Manchester so stay tuned for more dragon action coming soon!

Morgan Hunt played host to the Luton students of the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust's Get on Track initiative. All the London Morgan Hunt 'dragons' were very impressed with the excellent presentations from the young people and equally honoured to play their part in providing feedback to positively impact future prospects. Find out all about the day and what our dragons had to say...


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