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No doesnt necessarily mean status quo, says giant group

The professional umbrella employment specialist says that some aspects of contractor life may still be altered even though Scotland remains part of the Union.

Many companies had threatened to relocate if Scotland was to become independent, however although the Union has been maintained there still could be changes that affect both businesses and contractors. While sterling is likely to remain the Scottish currency, it’s expected that the SNP will look to negotiate a number of factors as a result of not securing independence.

Matthew Brown, managing director of giant group commented on the potential impact. “While much of the concern over potential changes to currencies and taxation rates has been allayed, there does remain some doubt over how Scotland will interact with the rest of the UK in terms of public spending. It will take some time before these issues are fully clarified and we can reassure our contractor base that they will be warned well in advance should there be any changes that affect them.

“However, the majority of the knock-on effects that could have been caused by Scotland becoming independent were likely to have been softened by utilising a professional umbrella employer like giant group.”


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