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Optimise Hiring to manage recruiter and employee communications

Explaining where the idea first came from, one of the founders, Murali Goluguri, who has an extensive recruitment understanding from his business the first2group, said: “Imagine if accountants still did their work on excel spreadsheets instead of using bespoke software like Sage, they would just be making things difficult for themselves. Recruitment is the same, the majority of employers still manage their recruitment process on the whole using their email and their Outlook diary. It lacks efficiency, it lacks elements of collaboration and it doesn’t allow for any form of analysis. Optimise Hiring brings all of these things to employers, you log in, you post jobs, decide if you want to work with your preferred suppliers or find some new recruiters, you can interact with whomever you decide on, see and comment on CV’s, book interviews, and work collaboratively with your colleagues in a much more efficient way. Going forward the system allows you to easily analyse your recruitment, looking at who is doing the best job for you, how much you are spending and who else you might want to use in the future. Complicated processes are just made simple.”

Since launch, the feedback from the market has be overwhelmingly positive with use of the system at the time of this article being written already reaching a stage where an average of one position per day is being filled through Optimisie Hiring and ten a day looking like it will only be a month or so away. Recruiters themselves are loving that they have a ready supply of jobs to work on which is saving them time but also allowing them to streamline the lines of communication that they have with the clients they are working with.

So why is this changing the face of recruitment? Recruitment is a much maligned industry and this simplifies and creates transparency and efficiency where it didn’t previously exist. The & lsquo;Mantra’ at Optimise Hiring is “Make our system the default product for people to use when they interact with recruitment agencies” and based on the success that they have had so far that seems like a very obtainable goal.



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