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Why reward is so important in recruitment

by Richard Hunt, Sales Manager at Capita IT Resourcing

Work hard, play hard: why reward is so important in recruitment 
In the recruitment industry there has long been the perception that the best way to attract, retain and reward staff is through financial incentives. Indeed, the commission structure common in the arena will obviously appeal to those seeking monetary rewards for success. But, this isnt the only thing recruiters want.
Just as with any other discipline, recruitment is a career choice and individuals want the acknowledgment of their development and contribution to the team through a variety of initiatives. So what do recruiters really want and how should they be rewarded?

Let them have a voice
Perhaps the biggest way to demonstrate to staff that their hard work and effort is truly appreciated is to make it very clear that the company backs them 100%. It may sound like a simple suggestion, but sometimes the smallest thing can have the biggest impact. Providing an open and transparent environment where individuals are encouraged to share thoughts, ideas and communicate possible corporate improvements goes a long way for staff motivation.

For example, at Capita IT Resourcing we empower our recruiters to be the innovative professionals we know they can be. We welcome suggestions from all our staff - regardless of their level or length of service - as to new or evolving business opportunities. Of those that are deemed to be viable, the business provides full backing for staff, offering the guidance and training required. A good example of this is a consultant who, in their first few months, was to set up their own desk in a new market. For the recruiter in question, seeing their ideas come to fruition is much more rewarding professionally than the financial return they will inevitably see.

Have clear career progression upwards and sideways!
No professional wants to see their career stagnate and having access to a clear career path is high on the priority list of todays recruiter. However, in organisations of all sizes there will of course be limitations to moving staff up the ladder after all, we need to ensure theres a balance of management and on-the-floor consultants. But thats not to say that development shouldnt be available.

Of course those suited to a senior position should be given the access to upward progression, but no employer wants to lose talented staff because the right opportunities arent available. Instead, the chance to move across the business into other departments should be considered. Given that a key trait of some of the best recruiters is the need to be challenged, providing them with the chance to experience new environments will certainly appeal.

Recognise hard work regularly
Finally, its important to openly and regularly recognise hard work or success in order to keep staff motivated. This doesnt have to be a costly process either. If your company has regular internal bulletins why not use these as a platform to profile successes of the week or month?
Providing regular incentives for staff is also beneficial but again, these dont have to be of huge value. For example, as our staff highlighted in a recent video, one of the things they enjoy about working at Capita IT Resourcing are the various outings for high achievers. By simply offering a monthly lunch club to those who have excelled were able to not only keep our hardest workers motivated, but also encourage the whole workforce to constantly aim higher.

Sometimes the little things really do make the most impact when rewarding staff. In an industry that we all recognise is highly competitive and cut-throat, demonstrating to our high achievers that their hard-work is appreciated will go a long way to attract and retain the best talent.

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